Managing Difficult People

Course Summary

We meet difficult people in many different work situations – members of your team, colleagues, external service providers and clients. Difficult behavior can have a major impact on you and your team leading to under performance, stress and often staff turnover. By learning to handle difficult behavior you will become a more confident person enabling you and your team to improve performance, be more team orientated and have less stress.

At the end of this course you will have learnt and practiced a number of tools and techniques to correct difficult behavior in a sensitive, positive and confident manner. You will learn to draw on your own inner resources to give you the skills you need and to reduce your stress.

“This is one of my favorite courses as delegates arrived stressed and leave with a new found confidence to manage difficult people. I can really see the difference in their faces.” Peter Sheridan

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for anyone who has to work with or manage people with difficult behaviours.

Course Outline


  • Identify the key difficult behaviors from your team, colleagues, management and clients
  • Understand the origin of difficult behavior
  • Looking at things from a different perspective
  • What are the key qualities needed when managing difficult behavior
  • Staged interventions to improve and change challenging behavior
  • Delivering difficult messages to your team or colleagues
  • How to build your own confidence and assertiveness
  • Moving from negativity to positivity with your team
  • How to stay calm in difficult situations

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